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A Passionate Team

The on’air family team

It’s a project which originated in our family in 2008. Parachutists admit that there are certain complications for novices to parachute, price of jumping, weather and even fear.

Our concept makes flying (free-falling) easy. The solution, to construct a free-fall simulator that allows many people to discover is complete security the amazing sensation of freedom of free-falling

After 5 years of seamless team work, we are very happy to welcome you “at home” for giving you the opportunity to fly on your own!

  • Patrick Bergouignan

    Président Directeur Général

    • Isabelle Bergouignan

      Responsable clientèle

      • Elisa Bergouignan

        Responsable communication Instructeur de vol

        • Julien Briquez

          Directeur technique
          Chef instructeur

          Our team


          A spending 15 years in the French skydiving team, I obtained 2 world champion titles, 5 runner-up titles and 5 European titles. I have instilled this passion to my daughter Elisa and she and her partner Julien who have pushed me to develop this project.

          Captain and trainer of the French Skydiving team of 8 and military teams for many years and I also have a diploma in Sport Education. I have also developed a thesis about the imagination and repetition mental with the gialk to optimize the performance of sportsmen.


          In the 1980s I practiced parachuting. A dedicated supporter of the French Skydiving team for many years, I am proud to day to be involved in such a project unique and reuniting, with a sporting and family spirit.

          I have a diploma in Management in the domain of economy and social.


          Born to fly I grew up on the parachuting fields. Passionate about this sport I did my first jump in 2007 with my father at my side. Since then I have love for this sport which will not go away.

          I have training in Communication


          Being a skydiver for the last 13 years, I have done about 10000 jumps. I had the honor of being part of a team Freefly in France from 2006-2010 where we achieved vice-champion in Europe.

          I have a diploma in Parachutism.

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