Adult Baptism - On'Air Soufflerie

Adult Baptism

Fly on your own!

Learn to fly in a secure place without worrying about a fear of heights. Come and discover our free fall simulator and enjoy a playful activity out of the ordinary!
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              Proceedings of a Baptism

              The session

              Welcomed by our team, and then given training about the security and flight. You are then equipped with a flight suit, helmet and goggles.

              In the company of a professional flight instructor, you will then be able to discover the joys of flying.


              Depending on the type of baptism chosen you will partake in 2, 4 or more flight sessions.

              Every flight will last for 1 minute which is the equivalent of the parachute jump from 4000m altitude. Count about 2 hours on site.

              Photo / Video

              You have the possibility of purchasing a video and photos of your child flight, copied onto a USB key (not supplied but sold on site).

              How to reserve?

              > Choose your Baptism on the website.
              > Reserve the day and the time you would like to fly.
              > Be
              on site 1 hour before the time reserved.