Prices - On'Air Soufflerie


Flying without complications

At On’air you can forget about rush hour, here we welcome you throughout the year without a fuss. Fly when you want

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A plus points

• A 360 degree view of the outside while flying
4 meter diameter
0-300 km/h wind
Snack-bar with a 190m2 terrace to relax
Tunnel camp
• Situated in the aerodrome of Gap-Tallard which is the first parachute platform in France
3 parachute centers near the free-fall simulator
Conference center


10min : 139€
15min : 205€
20min : 270€
30min : 390€
1h to 5h : 750€/h
6h to 10h : 700€/h
11h to 50h : 650€/h
Beyond that, please contact us for further information
Coaching : 100€/h