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Group Baptism


Would like to have an experience together that is sure to mess up your hair?

Pour un anniversaire, un enterrement de vie de jeune fille ou de garçon, un départ à la retraite, un événement exceptionnel, profitez de nos offres personnalisées adaptées à vos souhaits.

For a birthday, a bachelor’s party, a retirement party, an exceptional event, take advantage of our exceptional offers personalized to your needs.

Contact us to have an exceptional time, an unforgettable adventure!

              Work council

              Are you looking for an original conference venue?

              On’Air can organize an event especially for you in a unique venue between earth and sky. Our team advises and accompanies you on an adventure which offers you something out of the ordinary.

              Our Advantages

              • Possibility to privatize the venue
              Conference room
              • 190m2 veranda with a bar and small restaurant
              360° of the outside while flying
              Team building
              Professional training


              Proceedings of the adventure

              The session

              Welcomed by our team, and then given training about the security and flight. You are then equipped with a flight suit, helmet and goggles.

              In the company of a professional flight instructor, you will then be able to discover the joys of flying.


              Depending on the type of baptism chosen you will partake in 2, 4 or more flight sessions.

              Every flight will last for 1 minute which is the equivalent of the parachute jump from 4000m altitude.
              The rest of your group would enjoy the show from the bar, or from our 192 square meters terasse, or even from a private rented room.

              How to reserve?

              Contact directly our team to create your customized experience for you.

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