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Wind Games 2016 Freestyle Round #1

Hello Again! So I decided to post the other videos from the competition, since there were three rounds anyway.This is the first one and my favorite one actually :D! It was not a music round but with the music we added, I still hope you'll enjoy. :D (Thanks to my dad who added the music!)Song- Diamonds by Rihanna #windgames2016 #indoorskydiving

Posté par Maja Kuczynska sur mardi 26 janvier 2016

Les filles n’ont rien à envier aux garçons !

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Waouh!!!  La preuve en image…

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Et pendant ce temps…

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Petit aperçu de l’avancement des travaux en images. Placo posé, sol et machinerie terminés il reste encore du travail mais bientôt vous pourrez voler !

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